Time Bank Webinar Event A Big Success — Local Organizing To Begin

A Short Report on Time Banks From ABC’s “Good Morning America”

Keene’s Recent Time Bank Webinar

At 1 pm on November 13, twenty-five people from Keene and the larger Monadnock region crowded into a second floor classroom at Antioch University New England. They came to take part of a nationally produced webinar about how to organize a local cooperative time bank, which is a local nonprofit institution that creates an easy way for community people to exchange self-produced goods and services with each other using the medium of time instead of cash.

The “time bank” concept that attracted these local people was one of the creative economic innovations highlighted at the Colonial Theater’s recent showing of the documentary Fixing The Future: Building Local Jobs, Income, and Sustainability. This follow-up webinar event was co-sponsored by the Transition Keene Task Force, Monadnock Buy Local, and Antioch University New England.

The webinar featured Stephanie Rearick, the Founder and Director of the Dane County Time Bank in Madison, Wisconsin, and was produced as part of the BALLE Community Capital Webinar series.

Watch The Webinar Recording Online

If you were not able to make it to the recent group showing of this webinar on “Time Banking as Community Capital: Creating Prosperity & Community Services Without Currency,” you can now stream a free recording of the presentation online by yourself at https://livingeconomies.ilinc.com/join/bkymmts. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address and then allowed to see the slides and hear Stephanie’s inspiring presentation. (If you happen to find that the audio is weak on your computer, please use a headset or earphones for better sound quality. If the audio cuts out for any reason, simply pause the recording and then hit play and the audio should realign.)

Additional Resources on Time Banking

You can also find a PDF version of the presentation slides here. For even more information, you can also check out the website of the Dane County Time Bank, which is featured in the presentation, at http://danecountytimebank.org, or even write Stephanie directly at steph@stephanierearick.com. For additional resources, check out Hour Exchange Portland, hOurworld, Time For the World, Cyclos, Complementary Currency Database and Time Banks USA.

Next Steps For The Keene Area

At the webinar, the Transition Keene Task Force announced that it will be convening a Keene Cooperative Time Bank organizing group in the very near future. Several people at the webinar expressed interest in joining this new time organizing group. If you would like to volunteer, or explore the possibility of joining this new working group, please contact Katy Locke at transitionkeene@gmail.com.

Remember the Monadnock Food Coop started because a few people got together, started planning, reached out for members and supporters, and then built a new community-owned coop store right downtown. Lets work together and create a cooperative time bank, too!


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  2. Mike says:

    I was at the webinar, and I think a Time Bank concept is very exciting. I expect it will do very well throughout the Monadnock region. All it will take is enough energy to get it mobilized! Count me in :)

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