Is 350 a Ridiculous Goal for the Keene Area?

Is it ridiculous to stabilize our global climate by reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to 350 ppm? Is it ridiculous to ride bikes, carpool, install solar panels and rooftop gardens? Is it ridiculous to take action now to transition the greater Keene area away from fossil fuel dependency and the threat of Peak Oil and toward greater resilience – so our community can thrive despite the coming trends of $10 (or $20?) per gallon prices for gasoline?

If so, then LET’S GET RIDICULOUS! One way to “get ridiculous” is to participate in Keene’s effort as part of the Transition US 350 Home & Garden Challenge inviting us all to take action toward sustainability. The Transition Keene Task Force has set a goal to register 350 actions in the Keene area representing the 4 main focus areas – growing food, conserving water, saving energy, building community.

This ridiculous goal is based upon our faith in the ongoing efforts of many Keene area residents and organizations to further the cause of sustainability and healthy living in our community. An “action” to register could be as SMALL as attending a film or workshop to learn something new about how you can take an important step toward sustainability. Or not driving for one day, or one day a month, or one day a week. It could be as BIG as converting your lawn to a food bearing garden or helping someone else do the same, capturing rain water, installing solar panels, or starting a conversation among your neighbors about sustainability.

You get to choose whatever “action” best fits your needs and your lifestyle.  If you are already taking action in your own life or neighborhood or community, we invite you to register it – or let us know and we will register it for you so it appears on the Transition US map. That way, your efforts immediately become part of something much larger, joining with individuals and communities across the country who are standing up for sustainability and being counted!

If you are looking for ideas, stayed tuned – in the coming weeks, we will offer a series of posts showcasing local opportunities. To kick it off, we offer this video in 2 parts from Petaluma, CA showing the community in action to convert a recreation center lawn into a “food forest” garden.

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About Katy Locke

Katy Locke has recently devoted her life to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on Earth. At her home in Keene, NH she is establishing Permaculture gardens, and working with the healing properties of flowers. Katy is a founding member and President of the Transition Keene Task Force, and practices Reiki and Gentle Earth Energy (integrated energetic healing) at
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3 Responses to Is 350 a Ridiculous Goal for the Keene Area?

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  2. Bob says:

    I think that is a great goal, but I will say an opportunity was lost when Keene did not make Court St and Washington St more bike friendly when they had the opportunity. Adding bike lanes would have been a HUGE step towards making this city more bike accessible. I know many people who dont bike around because it just too dangerous. The current bike path it too fragmented.

    • Katy Locke says:

      Thanks, Bob. I know there are others who share your concern about making Keene Streets bike friendly and are making that the focus of their efforts. The notion of “Complete Streets” is included in the Keene Master Plan, but apparently the renovations for Court and Washington streets had already been approved before the Keene Master Plan took effect. Please contact JB Mack c/o Southwest Regional Planning at 603-357-0557 for further information.

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